About Us

Taking your brand HIGHER.

All American Cannabis Containers is a newly created division of All American Container Corporation.  Conceptualized in 2018, with the legalization of Marijuana for recreational use, AACC began developing our strategy to provide an all-inclusive packaging option for the cannabis industry in Michigan. Our parent company, All American Container Corporation, was founded in 1980 by Dale Cartwright Sr.  His goal was to create a new standard in the packaging industry for customer service, while maintaining the highest quality with unsurpassed lead times for custom designs. AACC began building and designing packaging primarily for the manufacturing sector. However, over the past 40 years we have greatly diversified our customer base from primarily automotive customers into various industries such as, moving supplies, printing, and aerospace.

Our founder, Dale Cartwright Sr., unfortunately passed away due to years of cancer and complications in October of 2016.  During his career, he set AACC apart as a leader in the custom packaging market and has always pushed our team to provide the ultimate customer experience. Since Dale’s passing, the company was passed to long time employees who shared Dale Sr.’s passion for custom, high quality packaging materials.  Amber Laatz now CEO, Allie Heitz now COO and his son, Dale Cartwright Jr., are the faces of  AACC’s continued success and have provided the company with a fresh perspective along with the foundation that Dale Sr. created to be a leader in the industry. 

With COVID-19 on the heels of this new division, we were forced to briefly table this dream. During this unprecedented time, we were able to better create a strategy and put a system in place to serve everyone from the “Do It Yourself” operations to the very top of the cannabis industry. We wanted all operations to have access to proper, safe packaging without having to purchase vast quantities of products while still being able to cater to large or small businesses.  Taking “seed to sale” from dream to reality, All American Cannabis Container will be the complete packaging solution for your operation – big or small.